Please note some small changes in the schedule (May 16th)
We are pleased to announce that Avantes is sponsoring the PTEE2019. Avantes is the leading innovator in the development of fiber-optic spectroscopy instruments and systems with 25 years of experience developing customer-defined spectrometer configurations.

On Thursday May 23rd we will make an excursion to the Maeslant storm surge barrier and the nearby Tomatoworld.On Friday, we will have lunch at our neighbours:  the Royal Delft earthenware factory


PTEE2019 is held in the city of Delft, a beautiful historic town in The Netherlands, south of The Hague and north of Rotterdam. The PTEE conference is a 2-day bi-annual event dedicated to the didactics of physics teaching and the role and importance of physics in engineering education. The theme for the 2019 conference is: Teaching Physics for Understanding Engineering.

The conference is organized by The Hague University of Applied Sciences and the Physics Working Group (PWG) of the SEFI. The PWG establishes permanent contacts between physicists in higher education and physicists in industry. The PTEE2019 provides a forum to exchange research and experiences on physics teaching.


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